The art of blogging as a photographer.


I’m on social media often but not often enough.  The many hats as an artist building a brand takes a toll on the amount of time it takes to be relevant is challenging on occasion.  After almost 3 years of a very tight rope balancing act I sought the advice of the professionals who also struggled with blogging at first. I just trimmed the fat on where I least spend my small amount of social media time.   Blogging is an art.  Creative content starting from video, stills, and sharing information about the process seem to be what the world wants of our art or brand.  What the world wants…

People have changed the course of business for years and blogging has become a necessity to a large population trying to become successful in their desired fields.

I’m just going to practice sharing my point of view on subjects that challenge  me to become a better photographer.  Building genuine relationships through real connections still have value to me and my brand.  Blogging doesn’t hurt but it does require the right amount of time and consistency to help expose the world-wide web to the service one provides.

Blogging is indeed and art.  Creating time in your day, and content that speaks to your brands followers takes work that your peers and competition don’t see until you blog.

It works when it works.  I’ll keep using the word blog post to help introduce new works to my story.

Blogging is an art for all of us to improve just a tad bit.

Stay driven everyone!


ArtThruTheEyeOvRa Photography

Philadelphia, Pa


A portrait from the story

Japanese Azteroids!


~A sci-fi adventure romance!

Check out this story.  Mr. Tony Moore a Phila. producer is having his life story told in a play at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia.  Those who know music in Philly have a great respect and love for Mr. Moore and is wonderful influence in faith and artistry.

Here’s the link for ticket purchases. The venue only allows box office purchases…


This image I captured while the make-up artist Terrell Maurice worked on four other cast members for the group portrait that happened later.  I love to use the subjects as mini art projects while the crew gets ready.  Testing light and building rapport is fun and allows me to paint a portrait for me too. DSC_9437-2 copy

Fall fresh faces!

It had been a long summer away from capturing faces that were for my creative healing.  The year has indeed been very productive nurturing the business and networking aspects; but absolutely lacked my own personal muses. ” Aaaah…  Fresh faces”.   It was the ah ha moment that happens when in motion through a city of great people and many magazines that printed inspiration every week of month that shook me.

I set out to meet new faces and capture the faces of some major supporters whom never stepped into my lens and were ready to pose.  These were some of the faces that kept me moving through September and October.  I needed to reconnect with my desire to shoot for myself again and I did…


Nurture your passions


National Black Females Photographers Day 2016

For the 5th year in a row, Black Female Photographers (BFP) will be hosting another day of casual shooting, networking, learning and creating in and around over 12 cities across the country. President Kym Scott has worked very hard over the years, to help this sisterhood of professionals and enthusiasts connect on all necessary levels, by creating BFP. In supporting our women in photography, BFP does not exclude its willingness to grow broader and build healthy relationships with all artists, business professionals, genders, and race.  BFP strives to support a platform of inspiration for a group of positive role models who seek leadership and teaching roles in all areas of our creatives.

Three years ago I yearned for a group to associate my brand with and nurture my talents for future success.  Seeking a broader reach and connection with a group of peers who are talented, yet humbled in life and fierce in business, I stumble upon this awesome group known, as BFP.  As a Black Female Photographer in the Philadelphia, I found that the Black Female Photography group was the perfect fit to my creative goals.  Finding BFP, while in and out of Facebook photography groups that fed my curiosity to learn and build a network, gave me a place where I could exist as a human and not just another picture being posted on social media.

Learning more about the history of Black Photographers, and being a part of a group of women who see it as more than a hobby means a lot to me as a growing brand, teacher, student and professional.  I hope to meet more photography creatives on this journey on September 10th, 2016, who are willing to share their stories through photography.  Let’s inspire each other to freeze moments and ask questions that will not only build our visions but increase our joy of being behind the lens.


Love Is Love

On June 26th, 2016 I had the honor of capturing the essence of love.  There were no grey areas on this day of celebration for Avery & Jon of Philadelphia.  Family and friends arrived with smiles and gifts ready to watch these two awesome men exchange their vows at Cibo Restaurant this past Sunday.  This being my very first “Love Is Love” wedding experience for my brand of photography “See. Touch. Feel” felt love in the lens. 

 Excited to be the photographer during their special occasion, I was proud to be every bit of  a Black Female Photographer whom lives in the light of LGBT community as a small business portrait photographer.

Art Thru The Eye Ov Ra Photography celebrates everyone living their lives for their persoanl happiness.

Congratulations to Avery Smith & Jon Ryan

Winning is possible!