The art of blogging as a photographer.


I’m on social media often but not often enough.  The many hats as an artist building a brand takes a toll on the amount of time it takes to be relevant is challenging on occasion.  After almost 3 years of a very tight rope balancing act I sought the advice of the professionals who also struggled with blogging at first. I just trimmed the fat on where I least spend my small amount of social media time.   Blogging is an art.  Creative content starting from video, stills, and sharing information about the process seem to be what the world wants of our art or brand.  What the world wants…

People have changed the course of business for years and blogging has become a necessity to a large population trying to become successful in their desired fields.

I’m just going to practice sharing my point of view on subjects that challenge  me to become a better photographer.  Building genuine relationships through real connections still have value to me and my brand.  Blogging doesn’t hurt but it does require the right amount of time and consistency to help expose the world-wide web to the service one provides.

Blogging is indeed and art.  Creating time in your day, and content that speaks to your brands followers takes work that your peers and competition don’t see until you blog.

It works when it works.  I’ll keep using the word blog post to help introduce new works to my story.

Blogging is an art for all of us to improve just a tad bit.

Stay driven everyone!


ArtThruTheEyeOvRa Photography

Philadelphia, Pa



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