National Black Females Photographers Day 2016

For the 5th year in a row, Black Female Photographers (BFP) will be hosting another day of casual shooting, networking, learning and creating in and around over 12 cities across the country. President Kym Scott has worked very hard over the years, to help this sisterhood of professionals and enthusiasts connect on all necessary levels, by creating BFP. In supporting our women in photography, BFP does not exclude its willingness to grow broader and build healthy relationships with all artists, business professionals, genders, and race.  BFP strives to support a platform of inspiration for a group of positive role models who seek leadership and teaching roles in all areas of our creatives.

Three years ago I yearned for a group to associate my brand with and nurture my talents for future success.  Seeking a broader reach and connection with a group of peers who are talented, yet humbled in life and fierce in business, I stumble upon this awesome group known, as BFP.  As a Black Female Photographer in the Philadelphia, I found that the Black Female Photography group was the perfect fit to my creative goals.  Finding BFP, while in and out of Facebook photography groups that fed my curiosity to learn and build a network, gave me a place where I could exist as a human and not just another picture being posted on social media.

Learning more about the history of Black Photographers, and being a part of a group of women who see it as more than a hobby means a lot to me as a growing brand, teacher, student and professional.  I hope to meet more photography creatives on this journey on September 10th, 2016, who are willing to share their stories through photography.  Let’s inspire each other to freeze moments and ask questions that will not only build our visions but increase our joy of being behind the lens.



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