8 degrees of seperation

The cold day that pulled me away from the Chinese New Year Celebration. 

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I originally strolled out the house on Valentines day to take my friend’s daugher to the Pennsylvania Fine Arts Academy for some creative card making time.  To our surprise traffice was overwhelmingly slow.   Having packed my camera with the intensions of grabbing a few shots of the architechture inside the museum, I was very pleased with the reasoning behind all the traffic on this day.

 Finally I found parking and with the temperature being a cool 8 degrees outside we didn’t jump out too fast.  So little Ayah and I found ourselves in Chinatown in Philadelphia during a small Chinese New Year celebration.  Loud firecrackers and vibrant colors kept us warm for a mere 5-7 mins for a few captures.  Happy with the fifteen images I managed to literally run away with on Valentine’s day. I couldn’t help but  wonder exactly what did all of that mean as we fled to warmth.  So I did some additional research to learn more of their new year celebrations and came across some very interesting beliefs harboring no judgement.  What I do know is if your chinese zodiac is a monkey, you may want to prove 52 weeks of bad luck a myth.

Happy New Year China


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