THE FALL OF VICTORY! October strobing

Being the month where the leaves become speckles of fine art perfectly placed in our neighborhoods and the alter ego’s come out of every crevace of the earth to celebrate the dead. I managed to be able to create a spotlight for myself.

Three referrels saved the bank and my creative sanity.  Art Thru The Eye Ov Ra clearly loves to capture candid moments and make them fine artistic moments with texture.  The feeling of the moment is just one of the layers I see.  The style of the moment is another I love.   I was very happy to have been able to capture all three components of my brands service.

Portrait, Wedding, and Fashion clients made happy!!  I also managed to shoot my very first engagemnt session which went very well.

Then on the last day of the month I was tagged to a blog created by photographer Eric Adeleye from North Carolina that had me featured as the guest photographer.  As uncomfortable as it is to open up to people I have never met or may never see the blog made me smile.


Click on this link to preview the blog.


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