My #Kidsphotography class! #Fun

When I was asked to facilitate a workshop for the youth at a Literacy Camp this past Wednesday I felt honored and excitedly ready to show the campers the how too of #photography.   

The kids ranged between the ages of 5 through 15 and they all spoke a language of their own.   All gadget savvy children received a disposable Fuji Film camera for orientation but I think I was the most excited about the film camera.  

Standing in front of so many young artists became instant inspiration.   I had a chance to explain the importance of light and how the art part of #photography is creating with #light.  The kids couldn’t wait to become models and photographers. 

 It was a important feeling to be able to teach what I’m clearly so passionate about to a device friendly generation.  

I will be going back!

A moment in #Art  



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